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【Trending boiling!】 All-you-can-drink 3-hour draft beer "All you can eat Cheese Tacalcabi" 【4000 yen → 3000 yen】

【Trending boiling!】 All-you-can-drink 3-hour draft beer "All you can eat Cheese Tacalcabi" 【4000 yen → 3000 yen】

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All you can drink menu over 100 types!

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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Cheese Taccarbie in a hot topic in Korea! Tied with sweet seasoned meat and vegetables, toppogi, with the same iron plate Trotro cheese ... ♪ We are a highly popular plan for women and gongs!

Course menu

[1] Today's appetizer

Appetizer coloring the start of the party

Enjoy the seasonal ingredients on a daily basis!

【2】 Fresh salad with seasonal vegetables

I used a lot of fresh vegetables!

Please enjoy a special Caesar dressing often ♪

【3】 Today's gem

Chef's cooked luxurious ingredients carefully selected

Please enjoy a little luxurious gem!

【4】 Hot hot fry Fry "All you can eat"

Gem of banquet classic!

All you can eat freshly baked potatoes ☆

【5】 Deep fried juicy "All you can eat"

Broth of chicken will overflow in the mouth.Fried chicken finished in plump juicy is exquisite!

【6】 The topic is boiling! Cheese Taccarbie "All you can eat"

Togother with cheese of Trotoro with melted toppogi on the same iron plate ... ♪

Because we can not eat rarely elsewhere, by all means on this occasion!

[7] season of desserts

We offer delicious desserts using seasonal ingredients ♪

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* It is possible to extend 1 hour by + 500 yen (There are cases where it can not be accepted depending on circumstances.)

※ Friday, Saturday and holiday the day before will be 2 hour.※ Adult premium all you can drink ♪

※ Party premium all you can drink is +300 yen

※ In case of cancellation from 2 days before, 50% cancellation fee will be charged.※ Please note that it might be different from the actual due to buying situation.

※ December will be two hour system.

※ The day before Friday and Sunday, December is +300 yen.

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All-you-can-drink menu

· Gin Tonic / Jin Back / Jin Lime / Jin Ricky / Orange Blossom / Vodka Tonic / Moscow Klee / Screwdriver / Bulldog / Russian Coke
· Cassis Orange / Cassis Oolong / Cassis Grape / Cassised Soda / Cassis Ginger / Cassis Coke / Fazy Neck / Regga Punch / Peach Fizz / Peach Mooni / Peach Ginger / Rauchi Soda / Lychee Orange / Lychee Grape / Lychee Oolong / Lychee Moni / Campari Soda / Campari Tonic / Campari Orange / Campari Grape
· Woofer / Green Tea High / Ginger High / Cork High / Tonic Hi / Lemon Sour / Greasaw / Orange Sour / Lime Sour
· Carrier / potato / wheat
· Beer (adult premium)
· Sapporo draft beer / Shandigafuf / Cassisvia / Panache / Campalribia / Cork beer / Plum wine via
· Wine (adult premium)
· Red / White / Cardinal / Carimocho / Kitty / Keel / Splitzer / Operator / Symphony
· Whiskey (adult premium)
· Rock / water split / high ball / ginger high ball / cork high ball / orange high ball
· Sake (adult premium)
· Hot sake / cold sake
· Paul Star (Party Premium)
· Sparkling wine / clicking keel Royale / Princess / Something Blue / Mimosa / Lyche Imperial
· Lamb (party premium)
· Mojito / Cuban Libre / Rum Tonic / Lamb Orange / Lamb Grape / Rum Ginger
· Plum wine (party premium)
· Rock / Water split / Soda split / Plum wine ginger / Plum wine coke / Plum wine wine
· Tequila (party premium)
· Tequila / Mexicoque / Tequila tonic / Tequila sunrise / Diablo / Container / Tequila ginger

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